Croatian from Herzegovina travel to the Philippines


So i book the ticket via Qatar Airways. Once before i book with that company and i have some unfamiliar experiences to me, just after i book the ticket they send me email i must confirm my credit card. I remind you i already book the ticket, but still they want that i confirm my atm credit card which is ridiculous. So at the end it was ended me saying that i will sue them. But that doesn’t seems means anything to them. After some time arguing with them they agree that i can travel but when i go to Doha i must confirm my at,pm credit card. 

By the way i have layover in Doha for some few hours, and they didn’t ask that i confirm, verified by card, until i coming back then they ask my card to be verified.

That was last experience i have with Qatar Airways. This time i book with them again, they didn’t ask me that what they ask me before, and i hope they will not make me any problems because after i book the ticket i go to the bank to close my bank account.

I contact Qatar Airways before i close my bank account to tell them and ask them will they ask me again to verified my credit card because i planning to close my bank account. And i told them will i haveany problems if i do that, and their respond was that i will not have any problems and that i can close my bank account .

So i do that and close it, but i still will see what will happen on my travel, many times there is problems u not expecting, so i must be prepared.

Will everything goes ok i will write here when i go there and from there i will continue to write...

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